There is a god – it’s you!

We stand on the brink of a momentous change to our understanding of reality. The world in which one lives is not exactly what we thought it was.
It is both empowering and challenging. As QBism demonstrates, the world en­countered is defined only by the perceptions of this individual. It is determinate, real, only where it is observed. As the authors describe, this type of world is personal and unique to this individual.
It is terrifying in its responsibility because it means one’s inner processes are act­ing like a trim tab on the personal world encountered. It is extraordinary in its empowerment because it means that creative visualisation fosters manifestation in a non-local manner. The purpose of this blog is to describe the implications and ex­plain the principles. If the new worldview is taken up we have a durable solution to our dreadful global problems, particularly ecodestruction and war. That’s the plan!






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